Oh hi.

Thanks for making it to the blog section guys.

As you probably know, the blank canvas of a new blog is an intimidating thing. How will this blog be? How awesome will this blog be? How soon before I quit my day job and travel the world living solely off this blog's ad revenue? What tone should I strike? How many swear words should I use? Is it going to be mostly images? Should I refrain from venting about twitter? Should I exclusively vent about twitter? Will I ever post anything besides this one post?

A few years ago, I really got into my tumblr blog (now dormant), and I still enjoy looking back on it, it's not embarrassing or anything, but it felt like a home just for images. Sometimes you just want to write, you know? So, people, get ready: this blog is going to contain both words and text.

Other than that, let's not set anything in stone just yet, beyond aiming to post consistently (hold me to this, I'm aiming for once a week), and I'm allowing myself the freedom to post all of the following: process images, finished work, inspiration, cool other designers' work, discussion of freelance business practices, examples of excellence in nail polish art, old cars, surf graphics, doges, pictures of Steve McQueen, sketches, and also anything else. 

Thanks for getting through my first post. See you soon.