Annemieke Beemster Leverenz was raised in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest (actually, Seattle) and has found herself there again after a long-ish stint in NYC.

With a background in craft and print design, Annemieke often works with a combination of handmade and digital processes, incorporating textures, images, and lettering created offline.

Out of the studio, if you're interested, she's a camper, surfer, and ceramicist who loves 90's slow jams, dinner parties, and baking bread. She feels uncomfortable having written this in third person.

Collaborators include the fine folks at HarperCollins Publishers, Martha Stewart, Nickelodeon, Metropolis Magazine, I.D. Magazine, Victoria's Secret, BBH New York, Deloitte Digital, Rumors, Galison/Mudpuppy, and GrowNYC/Greenmarket, among others. 

Please be in touch if you're interested in collaborating, or would just like to get lunch and chat.